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Study Intersections

The intersections studied as part of the traffic study are primarily determined by LADOT (Los Angeles Department of Transportation).  The traffic engineer used the data-gathering parameters requested by the local neighborhood council (the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council) to ensure the Ponte Vista traffic study was thorough and comprehensive, and addressed the traffic concerns of the community.  For example, the model for trip rate generation used in the Ponte Vista traffic study was the model favored by the local community.

Additional intersections identified in public comments on previous Draft EIRs for the property (for example, Western Avenue/Peninsula Drive, and Western Avenue/Fitness Drive) were also evaluated.

Traffic counts were taken in the fall, when school was in session, during peak weekday morning and afternoon hours, as well as on Saturdays, as requested by the community.  Also, the timeframe for taking traffic counts was extended to capture after-school traffic in the area.

The study recommends measures to accommodate traffic resulting from the project, taking into consideration existing traffic, as well as future traffic resulting from additional growth in the area.